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At The WoodWork Collective, our sole focus is creating exceptional bourbon and rye by leveraging wood and whiskey expertise. We source premier ingredients then experiment with unique blends and finishing processes.

Rather than mass market whiskey, we create coveted limited releases with the help of our fellow drinkers. Our offerings feature regional ties, custom barrels, and flavor profiles that pay respectful homage to storied American whiskeys.

We choose each wood specie, char level, finishing method, and maturation time with purpose to achieve ideal character. Our kindred community of distillers, collectors, and artisans collaborates to perfect every nuance through a hands-on, personal approach.

Renegade's Exclusive: A. Altschuler & Co. 7 Year Rye Finished In Mizunara 119 Pf. A. Altschuler 8 Year Rye, 106.6 proof, Barrel 22-R51-1 A. Altschuler 7 Year Rye, 117.46 proof, Barrel 22-R3 A. Altschuler 6 Year Rye 120.4 proof

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